My work with Seena can be summed up this way… The first time I called her, I was in a very dark place and told her, “I feel my pilot light went out.” Her reply was, “I have matches.”
–Karen G.

Seena is a kind compassionate therapist. But really she’s been more than a therapist, she’s been more of a guide to a deeper understanding of my life.
–Joseph T.

Dr. Russell Axel is a seasoned therapist who is extremely thoughtful and dedicated professional. She is very intuitive and brings compassion and intelligence to her work with me. I appreciate the words of wisdom she has bestowed on me.

I find Seena to be a trustworthy, honorable, extremely intelligent, caring, loving, special person. Seena was my therapist for ten years and my life is in a new, positive direction thanks to her guidance. I am blessed to know someone as fine as Seena.

As a Naturopathic Physician with a busy family practice it is a top priority for me to have a strong referral network with other practitioners. Since my focus is on the powerful connection between the mind and the body having a competent Psychologist is a must. As I deal with the body via natural remedies it is crucial to have someone addressing the emotional/spiritual components that are contributing to the illness. Having Dr. Seena as my go-to referral for all my patients has been a blessing. It is with confidence that I can refer patients to Dr. Seena knowing not only that they will absolutely lover her (as I do) but that they will also have resolution of the issues they are confronting. I thank the universe often for connecting me with Dr. Seena, together we contribute to our patients well-being on their journeys!
–Dr. Sharon S., Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Seena Russell is one of those rare gems; sensitive, expertly effective and competent, uniquely gifted psychotherapist and educator. Her knowledge and expertise is only exceeded by her warmth, genuineness, and perceptiveness.
–Dr. Steven K.

Life’s challenges are born better, easier and stronger with the objective wisdom by a mindful, soulful and loving professional. I’ve been privileged to have Seena Russell Axel guide me through mine for more than 20 years. Always adapting to the changes in my life’s challenges. Always available. And always with the goal of assuring I could learn and grow from what I was experiencing. She told me that a friend once told her…everyone needs a Seena in their life. I agree. I know I do.
–Randi Z

Seena Russell Axel is the person to whom I would send a precious relative or dear friend. She seamlessly embodies decades of training, intellectual brilliance, and a nurturing heart – all in support of the healing and evolution of her patients. Simply put, she is the best therapist I know.
–Kathryn J.

Life has its way of adding events to our lives that we never could have forseen. We think we can plan, and therefore control what our future will look like. We work hard at this, and then, WHAM!, out of blue comes the surprises, the tragedies, the disappointments, that we never even imagined possible!
My life became totally stuck in a quagmire of the most unimaginable events, and I was sinking fast. Somehow, there was a lifeline thrown to me, and her name is, Seena Russell. Our paths crossed, I asked for help, and I received more than I could have hoped for. She helped me learn how to truly love and respect myself for who I am, while giving me the tools to move forward into the life I had always dreamed of, but had never believed possible.
–Kathleen M.